European Navigation Conference


On behalf of European Group of Institutes of Navigation (EUGIN) and Polish Navigation Forum (PNF), I invite you to participate in the next edition of European Navigation Conference (ENC). The conference is organized by the Polish Navigation Forum. PNF is a non-profit organization, founded in the 80’s, with the aim of association of people involved in development of the science of navigation. Since mid 90ties Forum is a member of EUGIN and consequently represents Polish navigation society out of the country. This is the second-time Poland is hosting ENC conference participants. This time, we invite you to Warsaw.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. In 1945, after the bombing during II World War when the fighting has ended, most of Warsaw lay in ruins. Next to the remnants of Gothic architecture the ruins of splendid edifices from the time of Congress Poland and ferroconcrete relics of prewar building jutted out of the rubble. At once, the Bureau of Capital’s Rebuilding was established. In 1953. The Old Town and the Royal Route were reconstructed to look like they had before the war (aided by numerous pictures by many artists, including Canaletto). Rebuilding the Old Town was an achievement on a global scale. In 1980, UNESCO appreciated the efforts and inscribed Old Town onto UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The political changes in Poland in 1989 caused that Warsaw began to develop faster.

The history and the present day of the city indicates that Warsaw is a very good place for presents the results of own research for the development of all kind of navigation (like cheap cruises) and transport. The topics of conference are very wide and everyone will find a place for the presentation of own research work. Therefore, we invite all of you to take part in next edition of European Navigation Conference. Every year, during the ENC, an exhibition of companies and research institutions operating in the field of navigation and transport and other related fields of the economy is also organized. Thanks to this, business and science are developing even closer together. On the other hand, the recognition of companies like Aquaboulevard in the world is growing. Therefore, we invite representatives of business to take part in the exhibition which is organized together with the conference. Therefore, the conference will be held under the slogans: Science, Education, Applications.

I hope that I will be able to welcome you in 2019, during European Navigation Conference (ENC 2019) in Warsaw.

cruise boat captain
Krzysztof Czaplewski
Chairman of EUGIN Council
President of the Polish Navigation Forum


EUGIN Conferences

European Conferences were held in:

As the Conference on Differential Satellite Navigation Systems (DSNS):

1991 Braunschweig (DGON)
1993 Amsterdam (NIN)
1994 London (RIN)

As the European Navigation Conference on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS-ENC):

1995 Bergen, Norway (NNF)
1996 St Petersburg, Russia (RIRT)
1997 Munich, Germany (DGON)
1998 Toulouse, France (IFN)
1999 Genoa, Italy (IIN)
2000 Edinburgh, UK (RIN)
2001 Sevilla, Spain (INAVE)
2002 Copenhagen, Denmark (NNF)
2003 Graz, Austria (OVN)
2004 Rotterdam, Netherland (NIN)
2005 Munich, Germany (DGON)

As the European Navigation Conference:
2006 Manchester, UK (RIN)
2007 Geneva, Switzerland (ION-CH)
2008 Toulouse, France (IFN)
2009 Naples, Italy (IIN)
2010 Braunschweig, Germany (DGON)
2011 London, UK (RIN)
2012 Gdansk, Poland (PNF)
2013 Vienna, Austria (OVN)
2014 Rotterdam, Netherland (NIN)
2015 Bordeaux, France (IFN)
2016 Helsinki, Finland (NNF)
2017 Lausanne, Switzerland (ION-CH)
2018 Göteborg, Sweden (RNN)

Upcoming conference
2019 Warsaw, Poland (PNF)

In future years:
Approved by EUGIN Council:
2020 Dresden, Germany (DGON)


Articles of Association
According the Articles of Association: EUGIN is a non-profit-making international Association.
Its objectives are:

To initiate and support actions assisting in the development of pan European policies and strategies in the general fields of navigation and traffic management;
To participate in study works initiated by the European authorities;
To foster co-operation and information exchange between its Members and any competent authorities or organizations active in the general fields of navigation and traffic management;
To provide information in its field of expertise by organizing conferences and symposia, publishing papers; and participating in various media methods of data dissemination;
To undertake other actions which are related to EUGIN’s objectives and which should assist in their realization.

The members of EUGIN are also member of IAIN ( The IAIN has consultative status in IMO, ICAO, IHO, UN-ICG, US-PNT.

EUGIN has regular contacts with officials of the European Commission on the development of a European Radio Navigation Plan (ERNP) similar to the US – FRNP.

EUGIN history

In the fall of 1991, the German Institute of Navigation (DGON) organized the first International symposium on Differential GPS. The symposium was a success; it attracted more than 400 delegates from 24 countries. After the symposium a number of representatives from European Institutes of Navigation (IONs) gathered to discuss the continuation of the successful formula of the congress. It was decided to organize an annual congress under the name “Differential Satellite Navigation Systems” (DSNS). The next location was decided as Amsterdam where DSNS’93 was held in the spring of 1993, in order no-to conflict with GPS-ION in the United States. In the years there after the series of congresses was continued – renamed later in GNSS – and hosted by European IONs.

The European Group of Institutes of Navigation (EUGIN) was formed and registered as an International Association in Belgium, ruled by the Belgian Act of 25 October 1919; the Belgian Ministry of Justice signed the Royal Decree of Incorporation on 18 November 1996. Articles of EUGIN were improved in 2002, 2005 and 2012.


Important dates

ENC 2019 - venue

Novotel Warszawa Centrum Hotel
Hotel offers 742 modern rooms and 8 rooms for disabled. Enjoy sleek comfort and spaciousness in a stylish room designed to meet all your needs. Our exclusive Live N Dream bedding concept means unparalleled comfort, and special touches make all the difference. Relax, get some work done, and take full advantage of your stay.

The Hotel Novotel Warszawa Centrum, situated in the heart of the city, is just a stone’s throw away from the main train station. Conveniently accessed from the Okecie airport, the hotel offers an ideal base to explore Warszawa’s many treasures. Links with the main areas of the capital. You can reach the hotel by tram from a station (500 m away and by direct bus or urban rail from Chopin Airport. The journey takes approximately 25 minutes.

Conference facilities

Hotel extras

Novotel Warszawa Centrum

Marszałkowska 94/98 00-510 Warsaw, Poland

Train Station - Warszawa Centralna
Warszawa Central Station
Al. Jerozolimskie 54, 00-024 Warszawa

Warsaw Chopin Airport

Żwirki i Wigury 1, 00-906 Warsaw, Poland

Novotel Warszawa Centrum
ENC 2019 Venue

Novotel Warszawa Centrum
Marszałkowska 94/98 00-510 Warsaw, Poland

Train Station - Warszawa Centralna

Warszawa Central Station
Al. Jerozolimskie 54, 00-024 Warszawa

Warsaw Chopin Airport
Żwirki i Wigury 1, 00-906 Warsaw, Poland

General Information

About Poland

Poland is located in the central part of Europe, it has 7 neighbors altogether on the east, west and south side and its north border is natural, the Baltic Sea.

Geography of the country is very diversified. While on the north Poland has a long sea line, the southern part is mountainous. North-east is known as Masurian Lake District – one of the most touristic spots on the map of Poland. Center of Poland is a vast lowland which once was one of the main trade routes in the world before the time of great discoveries began. Still it has great importance for European trade relations.

Rich history of Poland may be reflected in the number of people that are recognized all over the world. In the field of science Poland can be proud of such scientists like Nicolaus Copernicus or Marie Sklodowska, known better as Maria Curie.

Travel to Warsaw

Warsaw is located in the heart of Europe. Europe’s one of most accessible city connected with the world via two international airports and a fast rail network.

Direct flights from more than 130 global locations operate by 45 airlines
High-speed train connections across Europe
Visit to Warsaw is an exceptional experience. No matter if you are here as a tourist, businessman or a scientist you will surely find yourself amazed by the diversity of architecture, people and places. Warsaw is a city of beautiful but also sometimes cruel history and there are many symbols which represent different times and traditions. Main symbol is the Mermaid of Warsaw – referring to the legend of settling the city in the Middle Ages. Other significant mention can be Frederick Chopin – as a worldwide recognized composer and pianist born in Warsaw. In 2010 Poland celebrated The Chopin Year, 200th anniversary of artist’s birthday.

Arriving by air

Warsaw offers huge international appeal thanks to the best transport links in Europe.

Delegates can access Warsaw via direct flights from cities across the globe. Most of Europe’s principal cities are within two-hour flight. You’ll also find a vast selection of low-cost airlines can connect the Europe to your event in Warsaw.

Visitors can reach Warsaw via 2 international airports which collectively handled over 12 million passengers in 2014

Airport Connections

Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) boasts excellent connections to the City Centre The fastest route to central Warsaw is 25 minutes on the trains, departing every 20 minutes. An alternative travel option is via bus #175

Warsaw Modlin Airport (WMI) brings visitors into the north of the City. is one of Europe’s fastest growing
airport. It takes 50 minutes to reach central Warsaw by train or 60 min by coach.

Arriving by train

Warsaw provides direct train connections to: Berlin (6h), Prague (8h), Vienna (8h), Budapest (9h), Minsk (10h), Moscow (18h)

There are also fast connections with the Pendolino trains, which make tours to other major cities in Poland very convenient: Kraków (2,5h), Poznań (3h), Gdańsk (3h), Wrocław (3,5h)

The connections are operated by PKP Intercity (Poland’s largest rail operator). Tickets can be bought online. The prices vary from 60 PLN to 150 PLN. Check the timetable and find connection.


Conference and social programme registration

Registration Fees
Below you will find list of registration options.
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15th Mar. 2019
Standard 2950 PLN 3200 PLN 3400 PLN
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IEEE Member 2800 PLN 3050 PLN 3250 PLN
Accompanying person 1400 PLN 1600 PLN 1800 PLN
1-day fee 1350 PLN 1500 PLN 1600 PLN
Registration fees are given per person and include the following services
standard fee, PNF Member and IEEE Member fee:
admission to all conference sessions
admission to exhibition area
1 abstract submission per person *
welcome reception
coffee breaks
Gala Dinner on 10th April
Farewell Dinner on 11th April
conference materials
– One participant is allowed to submit one paper. Submission of additional papers will be charged 500 PLN + VAT for each item.

student fee:
admission to all conference sessions
admission to exhibition area
1 abstract submission per person *
welcome reception
coffee breaks
conference materials
– One participant is allowed to submit one paper. Submission of additional papers will be charged 500 PLN + VAT for each item.
– Gala Dinner and/or Farewell Dinner are extra paid.

1-day conference fee:
admission to all conference sessions
admission to exhibition area
coffee breaks
conference materials
– Gala Dinner and/or Farewell Dinner are extra paid.
– Paper submission not applicable.

accompanying persons fee:
welcome reception
coffee breaks
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Any cancellation of registration should be sent in writing.
Cancellations received after 15th February 2019 will not be refunded
Any refunds (if applicable) will be made after the conference
Reimbursements will not be granted for late arrivals, unused services, unattended events or early departure from the conference

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